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title:A Histopathological Study of Ophthalmic Lesions at a Teaching Hospital

Author:Chauhan Sanjay C, Shah Sejal J, Patel Amul B, Rathod Hitesh K, Surve Sunil D, Nasit Jitendra G

Keywords:ophthalmic lesions, histopathological study, eyelid, conjunctiva, orbital lesion

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Objectives of the study was to study the morphological and clinico-pathological correlation of ophthalmic lesions, to know the pattern of prevalence of ophthalmic lesions in hospital and to compare the data and other investigations with similar studies from India as well as abroad. Materials and methods: The study was carried out in the pathology department of NHL municipal medical college, Ahmedabad during 2009. Total 100 biopsies & whole specimen of tumours were obtained from patients admitted in various wards of an Ophthalmology department. Results: Ophthalmic lesions were highest (18%) in 31-40 year age group. Eyelid (57%) was the most commonly involved site. Clinical diagnosis was consistent with histopathological diagnosis in approximately half (49%) cases. Among eyelid lesions, dermoid cyst (21%) was highest. Among conjunctival lesions, granuloma pyogenicum (22.5%) was highest. Conclusion: All ophthalmic lesions removed surgically should always (without exception) be subjected to histopathological examination to establish correct diagnosis for further management.

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