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title:Usefulness of Ultrasound Technology in Cases of Occular Trauma Attending Tertiary Eye Care Center in Medical College in Semi Urban Area in Gujarat

Author:Jyotindra N Brambhatt, Akshay V Sahayata, Mansi V Sahayata, Himani V Chavda

Keywords:Ocular trauma, ultrasonography, retinal detachment, vitreous haemorrhage, corneal foreign body

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Ultrasound scan is a medical test that uses high frequency sound waves for imaging. Ultrasound technology is useful for diagnosis, differentiation of nature of various traumatic intraocular conditions and helpful in planning the line of management. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted after getting permission from ethical committee. study period is from January to June 2016 in the patients of ocular injuries. After primary documentation patients were examined with tourch light, Snellen’s chart, slit-lamp and indirect and direct ophthalmoscopic examinations. Then sent for ultra sonography in radiology department for b-scan. We planed the treatment after assessing the clinical and b-scan findings. Results: In 6 months of our study 54 patients of ocular injuries were examined. Out of 54 patients, 26(48.14%) patients having positive usg findings. The positive usg findings were vitreous haemorrhage, detachment and verities, Retinal detachment and hyphema. Clinically these findings are difficult to detect in emergency cases, So help of ultrasonography technique is required. Conclusion: Ultrasound scan is a useful imaging modality in patients with Ocular trauma for diagnosis of various ocular conditions. It will help the surgeon to plan medical or surgical treatment in majority of ocular trauma cases.

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