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title:Types of Talar Articular Facets and Morphometric Measurements of The Human Calcaneus Bone

Author:Nagar SK, Malukar Ojaswini, Kubavat Dharati, Gosai SR, Andani RH, Patel Bhaskar

Keywords:Calcaneal length, Articular Facets, Inter Facet distances

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: The calcaneum is the largest tarsal bone. On its dorsal or superior surface, there are three articular facets for the talus. Objective: The main purpose of the present study has been to find the incidences of variations in types of the talar facets and their association with racial factors, if any. The other objective of the study has been is to find the relation between the total length of the calcanei and the types of calcanei. Method: In the present study of 529 calcanei of unknown sex in Gujarat State, were studied. Result: We found that in 73.67 % of calcanei, the anterior and the middle facets are continuous with each other and in 22.3 % calcanei these two facets are separate from each other. In 1.13 % calcanei, the anterior facet is absent. Conclusion: The study shows racial similarities and differences. The study will serve as a prelude for biomechanics of foot.

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