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title:MRI Findings in Dengue Encephalitis : A Case Report

Author:Ravikanth Reddy, Partha Sarathi Sarkar, Dedatta Hajari, Babu Phillip

Keywords:Dengue,encephalitis, flavivirus, viral, MRI

Type:Case report

Abstract:Dengue viralinfection is common worldwide associated with high morbidity and mortality. Encephalitis has been well reported and is thought to occur with severe dengue infection leading to liver failure, shock, coagulopathy and leading to cerebral insult. Dengue encephalitis patients usually present with fever, altered sensorium, thrombocytopenia and high antibodytitresat the time of admission.Currently, neurological manifestations related to dengue infections are increasingly being observed. Dengue fever associated with encephalitis has high morbidity and mortality and only few studies have been published regarding Dengue encephalitis. Here, we present MRI findings in a case of Dengue encephalitis focusing on a better understanding of the disease for the clinical practice.

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