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title:A Retrospective, Molecular Study of EGFR and ALK Mutations in Non Small cell Lung Cancer Patients

Author:Rakesh Taran, Deepak Singla, Prashant Kumbhaj, (Col) P G Chitalkar, Vishesh Gumdal

Keywords:EGFR, ALK, Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR/ALK mutations are the strongest response predictors to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) and ALK inhibitor respectively, but knowledge of the EGFR/ALK mutation frequency on lung adenocarcinoma is still limited. Methodology: Our study is a retrospective study of the metastatic non small cell lung cancer patients harboring EGFR/ALK receptors. A total of 94 metastatic non small cell lung carcinoma patients data were evaluated, out of which 74 patient’s EGFR&ALK; mutation status was known. Results: All of the patient’s data evaluated in this study were in the age group of 30-74.Total 74 patient’s EGFR &ALK; mutation status was known, out of which 34.2% were positive for EGFR and 4% for ALK respectively. In EGFR positive group 62.96%were male and 37.04% were female. Among males patients 34% were positive for EGFR as compared to 42% of EGFR Positive female patients. Conclusion: Efforts to obtain tissue samples should be encouraged for EGFR&ALK; mutation testing in non small cell lung carcinoma patients to provide a molecular basis to treat patients with available targeted therapy.

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