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title:A Clinical Study on Ear Trauma in South India

Author:Rahul Singh, Gopi Krishna Thota, Ravi Kumar Raju, Murthy M A N

Keywords:Ear, RTA, Trauma, Aetiology, Presentation

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Aim: To review about the presentations, types and aetiology of factors affecting ear trauma in patients of Konaseema region of Andhra Pradesh in South India and recommend appropriate management. Materials and Methods: All patients treated for ear trauma at Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation of Andhra Pradesh in South India for a period of one year from 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2015 were studied using their clinical records after obtaining ethical committee clearence. Data extracted were analysed by using SPSS software. Results: The results were presented in a simple descriptive and tabular forms. Total 43 patients, out of which, 37(84%) males and 6(16%) females, of ages 10 to 70 years, average age of 33.41 years were studied. Road traffic accidents RTA 35(81.39%) was the commonest aetiology while bleeding from the ear 26(60.46%), tympanic membrane perforation 25 (58.13%), Ear laceration 12(27.90%) and ear contusion haematomas 5(11.62%) were other frequent presentations. Discussion: In ear trauma tympanic membrane is mostly affected. Sudden increase in canal pressure from trauma by Road traffic accidents or blows/slaps were the major mechanism of injury. Conclusion: Early Management of all ear trauma cases was good except for few late presenters with complications.

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