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title:Microbial Colonization Profile of Respiratory Devices

Author:Krutika Nitin, Umesh Santlal Hassani

Keywords:Humidifiers Ventilators, Microbial colonization, Disinfection

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Approximately 10 -50% of all nosocomial infections are pulmonary, which lead to grave complications. Elderly, debilitated, or critically ill patients are at high risk. The respiratory care equipment’s which include nebulizers, humidifiers, and ventilators may have been identified as the potential vehicle which may cause major nosocomial infections if they are colonized by different bacteria. Objective: We aim to know 1) whether inhalation therapy equipment contain microbial flora.2) what organisms are involved? 3) Are they common to all inhalation equipment’s which are in use? Methodology: The study included 60 samples out of which 30 samples were taken from nebulizers, and 30 samples were taken from humidifier chambers in use from various sections of our hospital. Rinse sampling method using 10-20 ml sterile BHI broth was performed. Quantitative culture was performed using colony counting agar spread plate method. Result: 31/60 (51.6%) Samples showed significant bacterial growth .Out of these 14 samples were of nebulizers and 17 samples of humidifier chambers. 90.33 % bacterial isolates were gram negative bacilli and 9.66 % were gram positive cocii. Following gram negative bacilli were isolated were Pseudomonas (41.93 %), B.cepacia (16.13%), Klebsiella species (12.9%) & Acinetobacter species (12.9%) each. Polymicrobial flora (6.45%) samples. Conclusion: Our study indicates a potential risk of nosocomial infection due to microbial colonization of various respiratory devices. Proper cleaning and sterilization or a high level disinfection of the reusable equipment is essential, to prevent the infections which are associated with the respiratory therapies

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