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title:A Study on the Effect of Music in the Perioperative Period in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Modified Radical Mastectomy

Author:Anupam Das, Kishore Das, Arudyuti Choudhury, Minoti Baruah, Amal Chandra Kataki, Manoj Kalita

Keywords:Breast cancer, music therapy, peri-operative, hemodynamics

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Aim: Our aim of this study was to analyze the beneficial effects (if any) of music therapy in decreasing anxiety, providing stable haemodynamics and decreasing anaesthetic agent requirement in patients coming for modified radical mastectomy. Methods: Forty patients in the age group of 40 -50 years scheduled for modified radical mastectomy were selected for this prospective observational study. They were randomly assigned to Group M (receiving music therapy) and Group N (not receiving music therapy). Musical intervention was started one hour prior to surgery. The level of anxiety (score of 1 to 4, based on simplified version of state-trait anxiety inventory), pulse rate, MAP were recorded at 15 minutes interval up to one hour post surgery and compared with their baseline values. Results: With musical intervention, anxiety score declined to 2 in 80 % of cases at the time of induction and in Group N no such improvement was observed. Postoperatively, level of anxiety decreased in Group M was 100 % displaying a score of 1. Group M patients also displayed stable haemodynamics throughout the peri-operative period. However, in Group N, there was a significant increase in both pulse rate and MAP intra-operatively (p < 0.0001). The need for anaesthetic agent (isoflurane) was also more in the control group compared to Group M (p = 0.05 and 0.0250 at 15 minutes and 1 hour after incision respectively). Conclusion: Music therapy has the potential to be an alternative cheap and promising option to pharmacological premedication agents which needs to be looked in to.

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