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title:Study of Congenital Malformations in Central Nervous System & Gastro- Intestinal Tract

Author:Saiyad SS, Jadav Hrishikesh R

Keywords:Congenital, Malformations, Central Nervous System, Gastro Intestinal Track, Still birth

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Congenital malformations comprise 8% of the perinatal mortality in India. They rank fifth as a cause of perinatal mortality, after asphyxia, respiratory problems, infections and cerebral trauma. However, the pattern is changing rapidly with improvement in health care and living standards. Material & Method: In the present study, authors have tried to study the cases of congenital malformations specially related to Central nervous system and Gastro-intestinal system. 5240 cases of newborn babies were studied and results were analyzed and classified in to various categories. Findings: The results show that malformations are more common in still birth, more in female babies and more in central nervous system In live born babies the percentage of malformation is0.63 % whereas in still born baby it is6.53 %. Conclusions: Chances of having malformations increases as the age advances. Parity of mother also influences the incidence. Exposure to radiation & drugs also influences malformations. Incidence of congenital malformation is highest in central nervous system.

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