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title:Evaluation of Effective Management of Sepsis in Emergency Department in Suez Canal University Hospital, Egypt

Author:Monira Taha, Adel H Elbaih, Hany A Ellouly, Nader A Alnemr, Safaa T Abd El Rahman

Keywords:Management, sepsis, SIRS

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Sepsis is a syndrome has especial characters by systemic inflammation due to infection. There is a severity ranging from sepsis to severe sepsis and septic shock. More than 1,665,000 cases of sepsis diagnosis in the United States each year, with a mortality rate of 50%. Interventions to be completed within 6 hours of triage are better to use vasopressors, measure of CVP and ScvO2, and use of targets for quantitative resuscitation. Emergency physicians performance improvement efforts to improve patient outcomes in severe sepsis. Aim: To improve the outcome in patients with sepsis attending emergency room in Suez Canal University in the period from 1-11-2014 to 1-4-2015. Methodology: Descriptive study, where every case of sepsis presented to the department of Emergency medicine at Suez Canal University Hospital that met the inclusion criteria, had been included in the study. Results: This study revealed that the mean age of studied patients was 66.38± 13.34 with a wide range of (28-90). Our study showed that (88%) of the patients received antibiotic within the first three hours. none of them obtained blood culture. (81%) of the patients received fluid resuscitation therapy within the first three (65.5%) of them received ? 30 mL/kg loading fluid within 3 hours of sepsis diagnosis. Conclusion: The results revealed adherence of ER physicians to guidelines at Emergency Department in Suez Canal University Hospital. Most of the studied patients followed the SSC guidelines.

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