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title:Study on Factors Associated With Chronic Low Back Pain in Western India

Author:Vikki J Parikh, Pulkit Modi

Keywords:Lower Back Pain, Lumbar spondylosis, Disc prolapse

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Low back pain is a leading cause of disability. It occurs in similar proportions in all cultures, interferes with quality of life and work performance, and is the most common reason for medical consultations. Few cases of back pain are due to specific causes; most cases are non-specific. Acute back pain is the most common presentation and is usually self-limiting, lasting less than three months regardless of treatment. Chronic back pain is a more difficult problem, which often has strong psychological overlay: work dissatisfaction, boredom, and a generous compensation system contribute to it. Methodology: This is a retrospective study. The study was conducted in private multispecialty hospital of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Data from April 2014 to March 2015 was analyzed. Permission was taken from the hospital authority to conduct the study and stringent confidentiality of data was maintained at all levels of the project. Result: We have analyzed data of 210 patients diagnosed with chronic low back pain. People between age of 36 years to 40 years were most common culprits. Among these, 82 (39.05%) were male and 128 (60.95%) were female. Among males, 65 (79.27) were overweight (BMI >= 25.00) and among females, 95 (74.22%) were overweight. Disc prolapse was most common diagnosis in both males and females. It was followed by fractures and Lumber spondylosis. Conclusion: Females were more affected by Lower back pain. People in age group of 36 years to 40 years were commonly affected. Disc prolapsed was most common the most common diagnosis.

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