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title:Chronic Kidney Disease and Risk Factor Prevalence in Dehradun District

Author:Shivashish Gupta, Jayanti Sehwal, Ashok Kumar Srivastava, Deepshikha Varshney

Keywords:Chronic Kidney Disease, risk factors, prevalence

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Research question: What is the prevalence of risk factors for chronic kidney disease in urban population of district Dehradun? Objectives: To assess the prevalence of risk factors for Chronic Kidney Disease and to find out the prevalence of CKD. Material and Methods: A cross-sectional, community based study was carried out among adult population of the urban community of Dehradun. A pretested predesigned questionnaire was used to collect data by interview technique from study participants. The risk factor scoring was done on the basis of “SCORED” (Screening for Occult Renal Disease) screening test tool. The subjects who were at risk were screened for chronic kidney disease. The data was compiled, entered & analyzed using SPSS version 19. Methodology: A community based survey was conducted in the selected urban wards of the district Dehradun to collect the required information of the study. Individuals aged between 40 – 80 years, residents of the area for at least one year were included in the study. Information regarding number of households and population in each ward was obtained. They were informed about the purpose of study. The household in each ward was selected on PPS basis. Out of each selected household, study subject (40-80yrs) was drawn on the basis of “Kish” method basis. After obtaining the written informed consent, they were interviewed using the WHO (stepwise approach for NCDs) questionnaire and SCORED screening test tool to identify risk factors. Results: Raised BP, diabetes and cases of heart attack were more among males as compared to females. The prevalence of CKD was 2.1 percent. Proportion of CKD cases was almost same in both sexes. Chronic kidney disease prevalence was 1.1%, 5.1% and 8.2% in 50-59, 60-69 and >70 year age groups. Conclusion: The prevalence of diseases like hypertension, diabetes was high in the urban population etc. The disease prevalence tends to increase with the advancing age.

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