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title:Safety of Laprascopic Tubal Ligation in patients with Previous Casarean Section

Author:Kanupriya Singh, Vipul Patel

Keywords:Lap TL, Casarean Section, Adhesion, Pffanenstial Scar

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Aims: To evaluate the technique of laparoscopic tubal sterilization in patients with previous caesarean section with respect to age, parity, technical difficulty, operative time, intra-postoperative comfort and its suitability for mass sterilization camps. Methods: A prospective study of laparoscopic tubal ligation done at teaching Medical College and in camp from August 2010 to August 2011. Total 70 cases were operated under intramuscular sedation (Pentazocine and Promethazine) and local anesthesia(inj xylocaine). Operations were performed in interval and post-abortal cases. Data were analyzed with respect to age, parity, technical difficulty, operative time, intra/postoperative complication and postoperative comfort. Result: Most of the patients were in age group of 20-30 indicating long post-TL period. Most of the patients were having two children. Adhesions were present in 15.7% and difficulties in getting tube were present in 5.7% and TL was not possible in one (1.4%) patient. Most of the patients were comfortable in postoperative period within 24 hours. Conclusion: Laparoscopic tubal ligation is possible in previous caeserean with minimal risk and devoid of complication. It also requires further study and follow up to comment on the failure rates.

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