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title:Using the methodology of wavelet analysis for processing images of cytology preparations

Author:Vyacheslav V Lyashenko, Asaad Mohammed Ahmed abd allah Babker, Oleg A Kobylin

Keywords:Wavelet analysis, image, contrast enhancement, cell, medicine, cytology preparation.

Type:Review article

Abstract:Processing of microscope images in medicine is one of the priority research areas. This is due to the fact that such studies allow conducting comprehensive diagnosis of human health state, identifying and preventing the development of diseases in the early stages, providing additional research in non-standard symptomatic forms of rare diseases. In this connection, first of all image processing of cytology preparations holds a special place as one of the common set of microimages in medicine. However, the specific complexity of visualization process of cytology preparations and their subsequent processing with the use of automated processing determines the necessity to study new possibilities to use new approaches to image processing. Exactly this fact was the basis for considering the possibility to use wavelet analysis as a tool for processing cytology preparations images. On certain examples of cytology preparation images the results of application of one of the wavelet analysis procedures is shown.

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