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title:A radiographic study of rib anomalies in patients of various chest diseases belonging to north Indian population at a tertiary care centre

Author:Darshan K Bajaj, Shailesh K Singh, Abhishek Dubey, Anand Srivastava, Surya Kant, Ajay K Verma, Ved Prakash, Mona Asnani

Keywords:Cervical rib,bifid rib,anomalies,supernumerary

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background:Though congenital rib anomalies are reported to be of rare occurrence, these are now and then encountered as an incidental finding in chest X-rays, however in most of these cases patients are having other health issues rather than things directly related to the rib anomalies. Aims: The aims of the study were to observe the detection rate of various kinds of rib anomalies, their association with gender, body side, other thoracic bony anomalies and associated symptoms. Material and methods:5,000 plain chest skiagrams were studied including 2,628 males and 2,372 females from September 2013 to September 2015. Results:Out of 5,000 total patients 82 patients (1.64%) were found with cervical rib, 22 patients out of 82 were having bilateral cervical rib(0.44%), bifid ribs were found in 59 patients(1.18%) out of which 3 patients (0.06%)were having both the anomalies, only one patient was seen with fused rib(0.02%),one with two ribs having less space in between(0.02%) and one patient was having rib with spur(0.02%). The occurrence (detection rate) of cervical rib on either side as well as bilaterally was higher in males. Bifid rib detection rate was higher on the right side in males and on left side in females.None of these patients were having any symptom related to their rib anomalies. Conclusion: there was a little higher detection rate seen regarding the presence of cervical rib in north Indian population however it was observed that the symptoms reported in literature in relation to the rib anomalies seemed to be overreported.

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