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title:Incidence and Treatment Abandonment in Teen And Young Adult Cancers

Author:(Col) Prakash.G Chitalkar, Rakesh Taran, Prashant Kumbhaj, Deepak Singla

Keywords:Teen and young adolescents, hematolymphoid cancer,treatment abandonment

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: The cancer patterns in teen and young adults (TYA) differ from those in children and older adults. The incidence of those affected is increasing rapidly although this has not been much focus of attention in cancer control and prevention .Treatment abandonment is the common problem in teen and young adult cancer patients, reasons of treatment anandonement varies depending upon socioeconomic background. Material and method: It is a a retrospective observational study and data were collected from records of TYA Patients registered from January 2013 to December 2015 at cancer center Sri Aurobindo Medical College and postgraduate Institute Indore. TYA Patients age between 15 to 39 were included in the study. The cases were analyzed for Age, sex, number of cases year wise , diagnosis of malignancy according to international classification of disease (ICD),number of undiagnosed and abandoned cases .The findings were compared with other similar studies Results: On analyzing data of three years ,hematolymphoid malignancy(28%) cases are the most common cases seen followed by Breast (10%) and head and neck (10%),cervix(6%),CNS(5%) ,Bone( 4%). 38% TYA cancer patients abandoned treatment . Telephonic tracking, financial support, counseling of whole family are methods employed in reducing abandonment.

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