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title:Prevalence and risk factors of non fatal road traffic accidents in a community setting of district Dehradun

Author:Shubham M. Sharma,Ruchi Juyal, Shaili Vyas, Jayanti Semwal

Keywords:Prevalence, Community, Environmental Risk Factors, Road Traffic Accident

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objectives: To study the prevalence and various environmental risk factors related to Road Traffic Accidental injuries in district Dehradun. Material and Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in rural and urban areas of district Dehradun. Multistage stratified random sampling method was used to reach the desired sample size. Overall 4000 individuals were interviewed using a structured pretested questionnaire. The data was entered in computer and analyzed by using SPSS software version 20. Results and conclusion: Maximum numbers of Road Traffic Accident (RTA) victims were in the age group of 20 – 29 years (33.6%). Males (79.5%) were involved significantly more as compared to females (20.5%). Most of the RTAs (61.9%) occurred during evening hours (4 – 10pm) and on crowded municipality roads (43.9%). Rural area had significantly more accidents

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