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title:Effect of Chronic Alcohol Intake on Auditory System with Changes in Auditory Brainstem Evoked Responses

Author:Harinder J.Singh, Sharanjit Kaur, Amandeep Kaur, Lily Walia, Anand Sharma

Keywords:Alcoholism, Brainstem auditory evoked potential, latency waves, inter peak latency.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objective: Alcohol affects the auditory threshold, processing of tones and frequency change at different levels of auditory processing system.1 ABR is the sensitive tool for identifying the various changes in auditory processing unit. Material and Methods: A total of 52 subjects were divided in group 1 with 26 non-alcoholics males and Group 2 (in lower case) with 26 alcoholic males. Chronic alcoholics who were taking alcohol for more than 8 years (300ml/day) without the history of any neurological and audiological problem and none of them were taking any medication that was oto-toxic were included in our study. Brainstem auditory evoked potential was performed on these subjects and results were analyzed statistically. Results: There was a significant increase in latency of wave V in alcoholics (5.678 ± 0.2271 ms) as compare to non-alcoholics (5.874 ± 0.2969 ms). (p = 0.0102) The mean value of inter peak latency for I-V in group -1 (non-alcoholics) was 3.88 ± 0.26 ms and in group 2 (alcoholics) was 4.19 ± 0.42 ms which showed a statistically significant increase in group 2. (p =0.0020). There was also a statistically significant increase in inter peak latency for III-V in group 2 (2.495 ± 0.389 ms) as compared to group 1 (2.228 ± 0.35 ms). (p= 0.0119) but there was no significant result noted for changes in other waveform pattern and inter peak latency I-III.

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