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title:Students’ Perception on Anatomy Teaching Methodologies

Author:S K Nagar, Ojaswini Malukar, Dharti Kubavat, Vipul Prajapati, Dimple Ganatra, Ajay Rathwa

Keywords:Anatomy learning, Students view, Teaching Method

Type:Short Communication

Abstract:An opinion regarding curriculum, teaching methodology & assessment techniques in anatomy was taken from the First MBBS students at Medical college Baroda with specially designed questionnaire. Majority of the students feel the curriculum can be taught in present one year duration with present system lecture timetables. The best method of learning is the dissection hall teaching & the students should be shown the structures and their relations rather than discussing these things in lectures. Majority of the students feel that the subject related books in library are not enough but they are aware of internet as an effective learning tool. Majority students opined that the best method of assessment is tests e.g. viva & part ending tests. This study show that the planning about the curriculum, teaching methodology & assessment techniques is decided by the senior faculty members but the opinion of the students is reasonable & justifiable and needs to be heard in deciding this aspect.

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