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title:Bilateral Pleural Effusion After Central Venous Catheterization- A Rare Complication.

Author:Reyaz Ahmed Para, Aabid Hussain Mir, Amit Kumar, Zaka Sameen, Toufeeq Ahmad Mir

Keywords:Central venous Catheterization , Pleural effusion

Type:Case report

Abstract:Central venous Catherization (CVC) is rarely complicated by pleural effusion. It is usually due to malpositioned catheter. Our patient was a 35-year-old man admitted with Menningoencephalitis.A cervical central vein catheter was placed into his right jugular vein after induction of anaesthesia in Emergency Room. In chest x ray we encountered bilateral pleural effusion and drained it with a chest tube. During following days the patient has daily drainage of almost 1.7 liter of clear yellowish fluid from chest tube. Fluid analysis was not diagnostic. We removed the central vein catheter and plural drainage was stopped.

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