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title:Tracheobronchomegaly: A Rare Cause of Bilateral Bronchiectasis

Author:Babaji Ghewade, Saood Ali, Swapnil Chaudhari, Smaran Cladius

Keywords:Tracheobronchomegaly, Mounier Kuhn syndrome, Bronchiectasis

Type:Case report

Abstract:Mounier-Kuhn syndrome, also called tracheobronchomegaly, is a very rare congenital disorder of the lung primarily characterized by an abnormal widening of the upper airways. The abnormally widened trachea and mainstem bronchi are associated with recurrent lower respiratory tract infection and copious purulent sputum production, eventually leading to bronchiectasis and other respiratory complications. Here we report a rare case of 55 year old nonsmoker male who presented with recurrent lower respiratory tract infection and bronchiectasis on chest xray, ultimately diagnosed to have bilateral bronchiectasis due to tracheobronchomegaly.

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