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title:Sonomammographic Evaluation & Characterization of Breast Lumps

Author:Umesh Shah, Mukesh Kothari

Keywords:Breast, Ultrasound, Sonomammography, X-Ray mammography

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Modern breast USG is an established, ideal and accurate tool for the investigation and characterization of breast lumps. It also compliments X-ray mammography in further evaluation and diagnosis of breast masses and thus avoids unnecessary breast surgeries in benign conditions. We present a case series of 64 patients with ultrasound findings in various breast lumps and pathologies. Aims & Objective: In this study we planned to evaluate and characterize breast lumps with USG examination. Material & Method: The present study was conducted in the Department of Radio-diagnosis, GMERS, Patan. Patients under study were referred from the department of Surgery, medicine and gynaecology & obstetrics. Patients included for study were evaluated by Clinical and Ultrasound examination. Histopathological confirmation was done in all the cases by FNAC/ excision biopsy. Result: On examination distribution of lesions was found to be Fibroadenoma (31.1%), Breast cyst (20.7%), Intraductal papilloma (5.2%), Lipoma (3.4%), Breast abscess (3.4%), Galactocele (3.4%), Cystosarcoma phyllodes (3.4%), Hamartoma/ Fibroadenlipoma (3.4%) & Fat necrosis (3.4%), Invasive ductal carcinoma (17.4%), Invasive lobular carcinoma(5.2%). Conclusion: Sonomammography is a very dynamic and powerful tool for the evaluation of lumps. It considerably improves the visualization and evaluation of tumors in radiodense breasts as well it improves the specifi city of mammography when used to complement X-ray mammography.

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