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title:A Study of Prevalence of Various Ophthalmic Problems in Policemen and Their Family Members of Vadodara, Gujarat

Author:Jyotindra Natwarlal Brahmbhatt, Deepak Patel, Sheril Shah, Ruta Shah, Poonam Rana, Aakash Patel

Keywords:Policemen, ophthalmic

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Purpose: To find out the incidence of eye disorders amongst policemen and their family members in Vadodara district and create awareness about common eye problems. Methods: Prospective study of 167 patients attending eye OPD, Dhiraj Hospital and eye camps organised by the hospital from July 2015 to October 2015 with the help of Snellen’s chart, near vision chart, colour vision chart, slit lamp, trial set, torch, auto-refractometer,Lensometer,schiotztonometer, NCT, and ophthalmoscope.We utilised ophthalmic OT for surgical management. Results: Out of 167 patients, refractive error was seen in 19, watering in 7, itching in 5 and redness in 2. Conclusion: Police officers are prone to work intensively for long hours in sunlight. They are exposed to work in wind, dust and pollutants so in our study we found majority of them with refractive error and ocular allergies.

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