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title:Prevalence of Dermatophytes in Skin, Hair And Nail at Tertiary Care Hospital at Ahmdeabad

Author:Komal D. Patel, Jaysukh D. Mangukiya, Mahendra M .Vegad

Keywords:Prevalence, Keratophilic, Dermatophytosis

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Dermatophytosis is common worldwide and continues to increase. Aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of various etiological agents of dermatophytosis in skin outpatient department of a tertiary care hospital, Ahmedabad. Materials and Method: 125 cases of clinically diagnosed superficial dermatophytic infection were enrolled in this study. Skin scraping, hair plucking and nail clipping were taken for direct KOH mount and culture on Sabouroud? s dextrose agar with and without antibiotics and Dermatophyte test medium with supplements. Result: T. corporis was the predominat clinical manifestation accounting for 32% of the cases. This study comprising of 92 males (73.6%) and 33 females (26.4%) having male to female ratio of 2.78:1. The commonest age group involved was 21-30 years (28%) followed by 11-20years (17.6%). T. rubrum (60.71%) was the commonest isolate followed by T. Mentagrophyte (23.80%). The KOH positivity rate is 73.6% and culture positivity rate is 67.2%. Conclusion: Further intensive epidemiological studies of Dermatophytic infection which have public health importance are needed.

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