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title:Giant Mesentric Cyst- Mesentric Cyst Lymphangioma- A Case Report

Author:Tandon K Rakesh, Darad Dimple, Bindra Ankur, Bhuva Vishal

Keywords:mesenteric cyst, lymphangioma, intra abdominal

Type:Case report

Abstract:Mesenteric cyst are rare intra abdominal tumours. Intra abdominal and retroperitoneal cystic lymphangioma are cystic benign tumours of congenital origin. A 7 month female was presented with complaints of abdominal distension. CT scan revealed congenital vascular malformations ?lymphangioma. The patient was operated and the cyst was excised. The histology confirmed the diagnosis of mesenteric cyst lymphangiomas. We report this case because of its rare occurrence and varied presentation.

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