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title:Primary Nasal Septal Tubercular Abscess in HIV Patient

Author:Lav B Selarka, Falguni Iyer

Keywords:Extra pulmonary Tuberculosis, HIV infection, Nasal presentation, pus culture and microbiology

Type:Case report

Abstract:India has an estimated 6 million HIV infected people. Tuberculosis is the most common cause of death in people with HIV. Tuberculosis may become apparent at any time during HIV infection and may be pulmonary or extra pulmonary. Although tuberculosis is a life time risk of 50% among HIV infected individuals; nasal tuberculosis is still rare. We describe a rare case of primary nasal tuberculosis in an adult male who presented with nasal vestibulitis and septal abscess and simultaneously diagnosed as HIV reactive. The patient successfully responded to antituberculous drug treatment along with antiretroviral therapy.

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