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title:Effect of Lifestyle and Dietary Modifications on Prehypertensive Cases of Lower Socioeconomic Population in Ahmedabad City

Author:Snehal R Patel, Jayesh P Modi

Keywords:Prehypertension, lower socio-economic class, lifestyle modification, dietary modification

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Prehypertension is associated with high blood pressure and higher cardiovascular risk, and it should be suggested to prehypertensive patients that they modify their lifestyle in order to help avoid these problems. Methodology: The present study was the cross-sectional longitudinal study conducted on prehypertensive subjects of lower socio-economic group residing in Ahmedabad City. The participants were explained regarding modification in form of avoidance of entire amount of salt, morning exercise in form of brisk walking for half an hour at least three times a week and abstinence of smoking and alcohol in subjects who are habituated. Patients were instructed to attend OPD for every one month in the morning for 3 months as follow up. Results: In our study, pre HTN was detected in 72 (40%) of male subjects and 70 (41.1%) of female subjects. Prehypertension was found to be more prevalent in males (54.6%) as compared to females (45.4%). Overall 81.15% of subjects who were prehypertensive were reverted to normotension within 3 months with life style modification. Conclusion: It is concluded from our study that preHTN is quite prevalent affecting > 40% of urban population of lower socioeconomic class. Weight reduction, abstinence from smoking, regular exercise and salt reduction are highly effective, easy to follow and cheaper measures to control pre HTN and prevent its progression to hypertensive levels thereby also reducing cardiovascular and other complications of HTN.

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