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title:The Study of Platelet Volume Indices in Platelet Aphaeresis Procedure: An Experience Of 271 Platelet Aphaeresis Procedures

Author:Arpit C Patel, Jitendra Patel, Snehal C Patel, Gopi Dobariya, Kruti Raja, Amrish N Pandya

Keywords:Plateletphaeresis, MPV, yield, storage lesion, Platelet derived micro particles

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Platelet activity can be assessed by platelet volume indices like MPV, PDW & P-LCR. Aim: To develop an approach in blood bank professional, a habit of looking at platelet indices in hematology analyzer report of aphaeresis donors & QC samples of platelet aphaeresis products. Methods and materials: A retrospective data analysis was done for 271 platelet aphaeresis procedures conducted on CS3000 plus with AMS cell separator, Fenwal, USA& COM.TEC, Fresenius Kabi, Germany. Samples of the donors were collected before aphaeresis & 1 to 2 ml sample from each bag was collected in the satellite pouch attached to bag & analysis was done on day 0 & day 7. Platelet parameters were measured on automated hematology analyzers SYSMEX KX-21 & Horiba Micros 60.Statistical analysis: Statistical analysis was done by calculating ‘r value’ & a paired t test at 95 % confidence interval. A P value of <0.05 was taken as significant. Results: The mean platelet yield was 3.39±0.88 x 1011/unit. The platelet yield correlated negatively with MPV, PDW and PLCR (r value -0.224, -0.045 & -0.159 respectively for correlation between MPV, PDW & PLCR with the yield, P <0.0001).The mean values of PVI of SDP were significantly smaller than that of donor pre-donation samples (paired t test P value < 0.05).The size of stored single donor platelet on day 7 were significantly larger than that of day 0 (P value < 0.05). Conclusion: The platelet indices are useful to study - selectively smaller platelet separation by automated cell separators, storage lesions & yield prediction.

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