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title:Study of Locomotor Disability due to Various Types of Trauma

Author:Sandip Rameshrao Dhole, Anil Kumar Gaur, Sumedh Narayan More, Harshanand Popalwar, Vaibhav Lokhande

Keywords:Locomotor disability, Machine injuries, Rail accidents, Rroad traffic accidents, Trauma

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Many people in the world live with different disabilities. Among various types of disability locomotor disability is one of the major types. Trauma is important cause of locomotor disability and in India it is second most common cause of locomotor disability. There is insufficient data available in India to determine contribution of trauma to loco motor disability. This study is required for the same so as to know the extent of problem of disability in Indian society. Materials and Methods: This observational study was conducted in a tertiary care physical medicine and rehabilitation center in western India. All the patients attending the out-patient department of institute were examined after taking verbal consent. Patients having locomotor disability were included in this study. Results: In our study persons having traumatic permanent locomotor disability were found to be 524 among total 3500 locomotor disabled persons attending our institute. Total numbers of new patients attending our institute were 11990 during study period. The prevalence of locomotor disability was 29.19% (3500) out of total 11990 patients attended this institute. The prevalence of traumatic permanent locomotor disability was 14.97% (524), among all (3500) locomotor disabled patients.The cause of disability in 41.8% was railway accidents, 41.6 % was due to road traffic accidents,12.2% due to machine injuries, 4% due to fall, 0.2% due to bullet injuries, 0.2% due to sports injuries. . It was observed that 85.1% (446) out of 524 are males and 14.9% (78) out of 524 are females having locomotor disability due to trauma. Conclusion: Trauma contributes not only to significant number of disabilities, but also to severity of disability. Road traffic accidents and railway accidents are major causes of traumatic locomotor disability and young persons are the usual victims of such disasters.

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