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title:Pseudoaneurysm of Internal Iliac Artery

Author:Seema Khanna, Ajay Kumar Khanna, Shashi Prakash Mishra, Sanjeev kumar Gupta

Keywords:Pseudoaneurysm, CT Angiography, Internal iliac artery

Type:Case report

Abstract:An unusual cause of vaginal bleeding after total abdominal hysterectomy is being reported. Histopathology revealed adenomyosis uteri and bilateral ovarian cyst. On examination there was a single lump in the hypogastrium and left iliac fossa. Auscultation revealed a faint continuous hum. On digital rectal examination, a bulge was felt, while per vaginal examination revealed mucosal congestion and bulging of mucosa. Ultrasound revealed a mass posterior to the urinary bladder. Duplex study demonstrated the yin-yang sign suggestive of a pseudo-aneurysm .CT Angiography was confirmatory and demonstrated a pseudoaneurysm arising from the left internal iliac artery. Patient underwent surgery. Postoperative period was uneventful. The commonest cause of IIA aneurysm is atherosclerosis. Other causes are arteritis, collagen vascular disease, infection, and trauma. An important subgroup is young females, who have undergone difficult delivery, forceps delivery or caesarian section or abdominal hysterectomy IIA aneurysms are usually discovered incidentally on pelvic imaging for any other indication. Surgery is the mainstay of treatment but endovascular procedures are gaining ground.

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