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title:A Study on Diagnosis And Treatment Of Prostatic Abscess: A Medical Record Based Study

Author:Mukesh D Kothari, Jagdish B Karia, H D Palekar, Upendra Patel

Keywords:prostate; infection; abscess; diagnosis; therapeutics

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: The prostatic abscess is difficult to diagnose because in the initial days of it, prostatic abscess mimic several others diseases of the lower urinary tract. Objectives: The present study was done with an objective to discuss the pathogenesis, diagnostic methods and treatment of the prostatic abscess. Materials and methods: The present study is the retrospective record based study of 30 patients diagnosed and treated for prostatic abscess. We assessed the age of the cases, associated disease and other symptoms and therapeutic methods. Results: Mean age of the cases was 55.2 years. Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate confirmed the diagnosis of prostatic abscess in all 30 cases in which it was performed. All cases received antibiotic and other symptomatic treatment. Surgical intervention was required in 72% of the cases. 9 patients required perineal catheter drainage, 5 patients required transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), and one patient required both procedures. Mean hospitalization time was 11.2 days. The most frequent bacterial agent was S. aureus. All patients were discharged from the hospital, and there was no death in this series. Conclusions: Prostatic abscess should be treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics and surgical drainage (perineal puncture or TURP). Microabscess may heal without surgery.

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