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title:Utility of Alvarado Score in Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis in Children: A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Jagdish B Karia, Mukesh D Kothari, H D Palekar, Upendra Patel

Keywords:Acute Appendicitis, Alvarado Score, children

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: The diagnosis of acute appendicitis particularly in children is often challenging, occasionally taxing the skill of most experienced surgeon. It is difficult to obtain a clear history in children. Objectives: The present study was planned with an objective to see the utility of Alvarado score in diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Methods: Children in the age group of 5-15 yrs were enrolled in the study. All the patients were scored as early as possible. The decision of operation was made by the surgeon himself independent of the score. Finally the scores were correlated with subsequent clinical and operative findings of the patients and the histo-pathological examination of the removed appendix. Results: A total of 64 patients were included, of these 48 patients were operated and remaining 16 patients improved rapidly with the start of the treatment. Of the 64 patients 38 were male, mean age was 11.4 years. Alvarado score were done all 64 patients. Out of 48 patients having appendisectomy 4 had normal appendix as proved on histopathology. Other 44 had complicated pathological report of appendix. It was found that patients with low Alvarado score have little chance to suffer from acute appendicitis. Conclusion: The Alvarado score can be used as an aid in diagnosing acute appendicitis in children. Patients with score ?5 are unlikely to need an emergency operation and can be observed as outpatient with little risk.

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