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title:A Case of Sodium Cyanide Poisoning in a Young Male

Author:Nikhil Dikshit, Mudita Tiwari, Aruna Dewan

Keywords:Sodium Cyanide Poisoning, Antidote

Type:Case report

Abstract:Cyanide poisoning is frequently lethal, because of the early onset of severe symptoms and difficulty in the diagnosis. But early institution of supportive care, especially in mild to moderate poisoning can be life-saving. We describe one such case of a 26 year old male with history of ingestion of concentrated (98%) sodium cyanide tablets, used in the cleaning and electroplating of jewellery. The antidote was not available commercially, and early supportive care was therapeutic. Clinicians should be aware that cyanide is used commercially in a wide array of industries and although it is not easily available on retail, prompt and correct diagnosis and treatment of poisoning can be beneficial, even in the absence of antidotes. This case demonstrates that mild to moderate cyanide poisoning can be treated with supportive care.

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