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title:Haemoglobin A2 Level – A Comparative Study between Patients with Malaria and Healthy Individuals

Author:B M Jha, ArpitaNishal, Jitendra Patel, ShaileshLavana, Ritesh Shah, ReenaDudhat

Keywords:Haemoglobin A2, malaria, thalassemia, megaloblasticanaemia, High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Since many surveys for the prevalence of ? thalassemia have been made in area with high prevalence of malaria, it is important to find out whether malaria can modify Hb A2 levels. In present study, analysis of Hb A2 level of patients with malaria and thalassemia has been done and has been compared with control group to conclude that whether Hb A2 level was affected or not. Methodology: Total 99 samples of malaria patients, 111 samples of ? thalassemia trait patients& 105 samples of healthy individuals were tested. The p value of < 0.05 was used to consider difference as significant & to reject null hypothesis. The t test (two tailed distribution, two samples unequal variance) was used as hypothesis test. Results: Hb A2 level in malaria group ranged from 1.9 – 4.0 % (n = 89, mean 3.09 % & SD 0.32 %); those of the ? thalassemia trait group ranged from 4.0 – 7.3 % (n = 111, mean 5.37 %& SD 0.74%); and those of the control groupranged from 1.8 – 3.9 % (n = 105, mean 2.82% & SD 0.43%). The Hb A2 level of the malaria patients was elevated statistically significantly then that found in 105 healthy controls (P < 0.05 at 95 % confidence limit). Conclusion: From the study, we can conclude that one should remain conscious while interpreting laboratory tests in patients with malaria or patients from malaria endemic zone for ? thalassemia trait which rely mainly on Hb A2level.

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