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title:Acute Pulmonary Edema after Evacuation of Molar Pregnancy

Author:Mayur R Gandhi, Gunvant K Kadikar

Keywords:Cardiopulmonary distress; Hydatidiform mole; Adult respiratory distress syndrome; Molar pregnancy.

Type:Case report

Abstract:Cardiopulmonary dysfunction has been observed after the removal of benign hydatidiform mole which can lead to substantial morbidity and mortality. We report a case of 30 year old woman who came to casualty with a complete vesicular mole. Evacuation of vesicular mole was done under spinal anesthesia as an emergency procedure. Immediately after evacuation she developed acute massive pulmonary edema with extensive crepitations over both lung fields. She was successfully managed with extensive perioperative management in the form of continuous monitoring, broad spectrum antibiotics, oxygen inhalation, diuretics and she did well postoperatively. She was discharged on 9th post operative day in satisfactory and stable condition.

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