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title:Post-Operative Pain after Knee Arthroscopy and Related Factors

Author:Bharat Sutariya, Amit Patel, Ankit Desai, Sadik Shaikh

Keywords:Knee Arthroscopy, Post Operative pain, menisectomy, visual analogue scale

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore the intensity of post-arthroscopy knee pain during the first 24 hours, and to study the influence of pre-operative pain, tourniquet time and amount of surgical trauma on post-arthroscopy pain. Methods: In 78 male patients that underwent elective arthroscopic menisectomy or diagnostic arthroscopy of the knee, preoperative and post-operative pain was registered using the Visual Analogue Scale. Variance for repeated measures and for independent observations was analysed. Results: Supplementary analgesia was required for 23% of the patients, more often in the recovery room and between 2 and 8 hours postoperatively. Of all factors analyzed, only time was statistically significant in determining the level of post-operative pain. Supplementary analgesia was required only in patients that underwent operative arthroscopy, and more often in patients with tourniquet time of more than 40 minutes. Conclusion: In conclusions, post-operative time is the most significant factor related to the post-arthroscopy knee pain.

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