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title:Efficacy of the Harmonic Synergy® Scalpel in the Surgical Removal of Fibrous Hyperplasia

Author:Gerusa OM Cardoso, Vivian Narana El Achkar, Tássia Botrel, Walter Niccoli-Filho

Keywords:fibrous hyperplasia, harmonic scalpel, repair chronology

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: There have been countless surgical techniques developed for the purpose of removing the hyperplasia (FH) and improving the alveolar ridge to provide a better adaptation to full prostheses. Techniques used for this procedure may lead to post-operative complications, including oedema, pain, difficulty in swallowing, compromised movement, haemorrhage and/or infection. With the advent of the harmonic scalpel, removal of FH can be completed more quickly and less traumatically for the patient due to its intrinsic properties. With standard excision, episodes of pain, swelling and bleeding may be experienced post-operatively, leading to dysphonia and dysphagia, creating challenges to the surgeon. Objectives: The aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of the Harmonic Synergy® scalpel (HSS) (Johnson & Johnson, Suprimed - Brazil) in the surgical removal of FH. Methods: eleven patients underwent FH removal with HSS. Post-operative examination was conducted at 3, 7 and 30 days after surgery. In all instances, the surgeon was consistently able to control the tissue volume and maintain adequate surgical margins. Results and conclusions: The results demonstrated that the use of the HSS offered better haemostasis, reduce the possibility of post-operative infection and, principally, provided more comfort when compared with a conventional scalpel. Re-establishing an aesthetic and functional state was also quicker with HSS.

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