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title:A Case of Angioedema : C1 Inhibitor Deficiency

Author:Arijit Sinha, Suvrendu Sankar Kar, Subhrojyoti Mitra, Ujjal Bandopadhyay, Bikas Chandra Seth, MD Hamid Ali

Keywords:Angioedema, C1 inhibitor deficiency, complement, Urticaria

Type:Case report

Abstract:Angioedema is rapid swelling (oedema) of subcutaneous tissue involving dermis, mucosa and sub mucosal tissues. It may be IgE dependant, bradykinin mediated, complement mediated, non immunologic or idiopathic. It may be heriditory or acquired. In our case the child was suffering from recurrent episodes of angioedema and found to be due to C1 inhibitor deficiency.

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