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title:Correlates of Nero-Developmental Outcome in High Risk Infant In A Tertiary Care Hospital

Author:Ajay Sethi, Jayendra Kapadiya

Keywords:Neuro-development, High risk infant, perinatal, Amiel-Tisons

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Neurodevelopmental delay (NDD) accounts for higher morbidity in high risk infants treated at Neonatal ICU. Structured follow up and timely intervention can prevent or modify disability caused by NDD. Present study was conducted with purpose of identifying factors associated with NDD to use them as early warning signs of NDD. Methods: Longitudinal prospective observational study was done at tertiary care hospital at Surat. Total 52 high risk neonates admitted in NICU of the hospital during 11 months study period were included in the study. Each neonates were followed up for another 9 months for the development of NDD using neurological Amiel-Tisons angle measurement method. Results: Association was found between various perinatal factors like maternal age, sex of infant, presentation of fetus at the time of delivery, presence of meconium stained liquor with presence of NDD in infants but none of these factors found significantly associated with NDD. APGAR score less than 5 at 1 minute and 5 minute were found 2.2 times and 5 times more associated with NDD respectively but association was not found statistically significant. Conclusion: Perinatal factors like high maternal age, breech presentation, Meconium stained liquor and lower APGAR score at birth were found to be associated with NDD in infants. These factors can be followed from birth of the baby so that early intervention to prevent and treat NDD can be implemented early and permanent neural damage can be prevented.

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