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title:Urinary Tract Infection: Bacteriological Profile and its Antibiotic Susceptibility in Western India

Author:Latika J Shah, Geeta M Vaghela, Hetvi Mahida

Keywords:Urinary tract infection, Gram Negative, Antibiotic resistance

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are counted among the most common infections in humans. In spite of the availability and use of the antimicrobial drugs, UTIs caused by bacteria have been showing increasing trends. The extensive and inappropriate use of antimicrobial agents has invariably resulted in the development of antibiotic resistance which, in recent years, has become a major problem worldwide. Materials & Methods: Patients diagnosed clinically as UTI during the study period were included in the study. Urine sample of these patients were tested for Culture. All positive cultures were tested for antibiotic susceptibility. Results: Out of total 232 patients, Isolates were detected in 177 (76.29%) samples. Out of these, 137 (77.40%) were female. Most common organism found positive was Escherichia Coli. E. coli was highly sensitive to Amikacin and Nitrofurantoin. Whereas, E.coli was highly resistant to Ampicillin and Nalidixic acid. Antibiotic sensitivity pattern of Klebsiella and Acinitobacter shows that they were also highly sensitive to Amikacin. Klebsiella and Acinobacter were highly resistant to Ampicillin and Gentamycin. Conclusion: The pattern of resistance to commonly used antibiotics for treating UTI alerts us against indiscriminate usage of antibiotics

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