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title:Assessment of Selected Cardiac Functions of Sportsperson of Vadodara City

Author:Rachit Joshi, Saurin Sanghavi, Devanshi Upadhyaya

Keywords:Heart rate, blood pressure, hopping test

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Aims and objective: Sports activity had always been an epitome of physical fitness activities. Multiple studies have shown that people, who maintain appropriate body fitness, using judicious regimens of exercise and weight control, have the additional benefit of prolonged life. The aim of this study was to find out and confirm the fact that regular exercise or sports activity have a beneficial effect on the various system of our body especially the cardiovascular system. Methodology: A comparative study was carried out at IPCL sports complex of Vadodara city in between the sportsperson and control persons using unpaired ‘t’ test for resting heart rate and blood pressure. They were subjected to hopping test: following which the maximum heart rate achieved and time taken for recovery to resting heart rate was measured. Results: As a result of our study we came to know that sportsperson have a significantly lower resting heart rate; lower maximum heart rate achieved and a reduced recovery time after hopping test than sedentary individuals. Conclusion: Our study reaffirms the fact that regular physical activity in any form slows the rate of decline with age of most of the physiological parameters that we associate with health and fitness especially by decline in basal heart rate and increased cardiac reserves.

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