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title:Novel Lipid Indices in Chronic Kidney Disease

Author:Neela B Mannangi, Shubha Jayaram, Viruprakash HS, Sangamesh Kashinakunti, Manjula R

Keywords:Lipoprotein (a), Lipid profile, Lipid indices ( AIP, LTI, CRI-I, CRI-II, Atherogenic Coefficient), Chronic kidney disease

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objectives: To Evaluate and compare lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)], lipid profile and novel lipid indices in chronic kidney disease(CKD) patients undergoing hemodialysis with healthy controls. To find the correlation between Lp(a) with novel lipid indices. Methodology:The study group included 30 patients with CKD andage and sex matched 30 healthy controls were selected for the study. Lp(a) was estimated by immunoturbidimetric method. Lipid profile by enzymatic method. Lipid indices were calculated using appropriate formula. Results: There was significant increase inLp (a)(p<0.000), triglyceride(p<0.05) and LDL-Cholesterol levels in cases compared to controls. Atherogenic index of plasma (AIP),Lipid tetrad index (LTI), Castellis risk index–2(CRI2) and Atherogenic co-efficient were also significantly increased in cases compared to controls. But there was no significant increase in Castellis risk index – 1(CRI1). AIP showed significant positive correlation with Lp(a). Conclusion : The present study concludes that AIP is the better novel lipid index for assessing atherogenecity in CKD patients compared to other indices as it doesn’t require special investigation.

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