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title:Role of maternal weight gain on perinatal outcome

Author:Madhuri Alwani, Avneet Arora, Ratna Thakur

Keywords:Maternal Weight gain, Perinatal outcome, Pregnancy

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: this study was designed to study the trends in key pregnancy outcomes that are related to booking weight and maternal weight gain. Material and Methods: this observational prospective study was carried out on 200 pregnant women booked in 1st trimester and pregnancy was continued till 28 weeks. Women with greater than 35 year of age, twin pregnancy or having any systemic disorder were excluded from the study. Patients was followed till the birth and data regarding maternal age, weight Gestational age, weight gain etc were recorded in predesigned proforma.Results: we observed that there was a significant association of maternal weight gain with mode of delivery, pre eclampsia, and preterm labor. However no significant association was observed between the premature rupture of membrane and maternal weight gain. We also observed the chance of intra uterine growth retardation increases as the maternal weight gain decreases. Conclusion: Maternal weight gain may be a determinant of pregnancy outcomes. Therefore antenatal care are to be offered to all women to help them reach a healthy weight before conceiving and normal weight gain during pregnancy"

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