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title:Histopathological Study of Renal Tumors in Resected Nephrectomy Specimens-An Experience From Teritary Care Centre

Author:Nusrat Bashir, Yasir Bashir, Parveen Shah, Nazia Bhat, Othman Salim, Nuzhat Samoon, Humaira Bashir, Saleem Hussain, Dekyong Angmo, Tazeen Geelani, Danish Khan

Keywords:Renal tumors, clear cell, Wilms, Nephrectomy

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objectives: To study the histopathological spectrum of renal tumors in resected nephrectomy specimens at a tertiary care hospital and to analyze the age distribution of renal tumors . Materials and Methods: 184 patients from department of Pathology, Sheri-kashmir institute of medical sciences, Srinagar Kashmir were included in this study. Renal tumors in resected nephrectomy specimens over a period of 10 years from June 2002 to May 2012 were studied. Relevant clinical details were collected from record section of the department. Results: Of the total of 184 renal tumors studied (89.13%) were found to be malignant and (10.86%) were benign tumors .Most of of patients presented in 4th to 5th decade of life with male to female ratio of 1.70:1. Most common presentation in our patients was flank pain. Histopathologically RCC-clear cell type was the most common subtype in adults and Wilms tumor was the most common childhood tumor Conclusion: RCC is the commonest malignant tumor and conventional/clear cell RCC is the most common subtype in adults. Wilms tumor was the most common childhood tumor.

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