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title:Same Day Sputum Microscopy Approach for The Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in A Microscopy Centre At A Tertiary Care Hospital in Bareilly

Author:Vijayesh Kumar Tiwari, Mohd. Javed Khan, Ankit Khurana, Amit Kumar, Satyadeo Choubey, Nadeem Akbar

Keywords:Diagnosis, Sputum smear microscopy, Tuberculosis

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: TB is major public health problem. Smear microscopy is the easiest, quickest and a reliable tool for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. This requires two (spot and morning) sputum sample examinations over two days. Collection of two spot samples on same day increases the patient compliance. Methods: we compared the yield of same day diagnostic and standard approach for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. Results: Out of 300 patients, same day approach could identify 67 cases, whereas standard approach could identify 70 cases. Conclusion: Both the approaches are equally effective (p>0.05).

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