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title:Awareness About Eye Bank and Willingness For Eye Donation among Medical Students in Western India –“Time to Educate Early”

Author:Aruna Gupta, Roopam Gupta

Keywords:Eyebank, Eye donation, Awareness, Pledge, Medical college students

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Aim: To study the awareness about eyebank and willingness for eye donation among medical students. Material and methods: A total of 100 students of 6th semester participated in the study. They were interviewed regarding awareness about eyebank and their willingness to pledge eyes for donation. Results: The awareness about name of any eyebank in India was known to only 21 % whereas only 38% knew that the institute had its eyebank. In 72% student’s lack of awareness was the most important reason for not pledging their eyes. Only 56% knew that cornea is the part of eye used for transplantation. Television was the most common source of information on eye donation. The ideal time for eye donation is within six hours of death was known to 56%.The majority 87% of students were willing to donate their eyes. 62% answered that donors' who have pledged before death can only donate while 88 % thought that for removal of eyes donors relative consent is necessary. Conclusions: Our study show that only a few subjects had pledged their eyes and time has come to educate them early about eye donation so that the procurement rate is increased

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