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title:Psychosocial Variables of Highly Motivated Voluntary Blood Donors at Blood Bank of a Medical College

Author:Bhalodia Jignasa N, Patel Kinara A, Oza Hiren V

Keywords:Voluntary Blood Donors, Motivation, Psychosocial characteristics

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: The adequacy of blood depends on blood donation rates and numbers of blood donors. To prepare adequate blood supplies, it is essential to investigate the factors that motivate individuals from donating. This study aimed to identify the character of highly motivated donors. This study was undertaken to study the motivational factors leading to voluntary blood donation and understanding the psychosocial variables of blood donors. Methodology: We selected 50 regular blood donors who have donated blood five or more than five times. Results: It was observed that most of the voluntary donors were males (94%) and belonged to age group 41-50 years (42%). Most of the donors (86%) had studied up to graduate and above. 70% donors have donate up to 30 times and 88% donors have started their first donation before 25 years of age. 94% donors have donated blood first time in voluntary blood donation camp. Conclusion: Motivation, recruitment and retention of voluntary blood donors are important criteria to achieve safe blood donation.

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