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title:Indirect Cost as hindrance in Availing DOTS for Tuberculosis: Is the Treatment Truly Free of Cost?

Author:Srivastav Shalini, Mahajan Harsh, Mathur B P

Keywords:RNTCP, DOTS, Indirect cost

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Aims: To study the socio-demographic profile of tuberculosis patients put on DOTS at surveyed Diagnostic Microscopic centres in district Jhansi and review the program in terms of monetary losses caused by indirect cost to patients on DOTS Settings and Design: A descriptive study design was used. Materials & Methods: The present study was carried out in two Tuberculosis units of district Jhansi, and the information was collected by taking the exit interviews of the patients on DOTS. Statistical analysis: The results are expressed in terms of percentages. Results: Maximum number ofTuberculosis cases (43.18%) in both the sexes were found in age group 26-45 years. Sixty three percent cases were from Urban areas as compared to 37.27% who belonged to Rural areas .TB cases were found to be more common in SC/ST population and in poor socio-economic group. In present study 36.37% patients had to spend the money on investigations, 48.18% had to cover 2-3 Kms for availing treatment facilities and 56.37% were spending money for reaching the DOTS centre. Conclusions: Appraisal of RNTCP program should be done at micro level considering these indirect costs so that compliance of treatment increases decreasing the incidence of MDR and XDR cases.

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