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title:Study of Anatomical Variations and Incidence of Mental Foramen and Accessory Mental Foramen in Dry Human Mandibles

Author:Sumit Gupta, Jagdish S. Soni

Keywords:Mental foramen (MF), accessory mental foramen (AMF), mandible, premolar tooth

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objectives: To provide anatomical information on the position, morphological variations and incidence of mental foramen and accessory mental foramen as they are important for dental surgeons, anaesthetists in nerve block and surgical procedures to avoid injury to neurovascular bundle in mental foramen area. Method: The present study was conducted using 120 dried human mandibles of both sexes. Size, shape and position of mental foramen and accessory mental foramen were determined using digital vernier calliper. Results: Mental foramen was present in all observed mandibles and it was bilateral in position. Accessory mental foramen was present in 8 mandibles and was unilateral in position. Conclusion: The knowledge about variation in size, shape and position of mental foramen and presence of accessory mental foramen may be helpful to the dental surgeons to achieve full anaesthesia after nerve block.

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