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title:A Comparative Study between Modified Misgav Ladach Technique and Pfannensteil Method of Lower Segment Caesarean Section

Author:Archana Sharma, Monika Singh, Suneet Kumar Upadhyaya, Arpita De

Keywords:Caesarean Section, Misgav ladach, delivery

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objective: To compare modified Misgav ladach technique of LSCS with conventional method. Method: This was a prospective study conducted over 200 patients undergoing primary LSCS for various reasons. Patients were randomly allocated into two groups of 100 each; group A underwent LSCS by the Misgav ladach method and group B by the conventional method. The peri operative and short term postoperative outcomes of both groups were compared. T test and Mann whitney test were used to analyze outcomes. Result: The operating time, incision delivery interval and febrile morbidity was significantly reduced in group underwent LSCS by modified Misgav ladach technique compare to comparison group who underwent LSCS by conventional technique.. Conclusion: Misgav ladach technique is a fast and advantageous method of LSCS and is cost effective as well.

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